Control Systems Install, Service & Maintenance

Trend Control Systems

This controller is the Work Horse of the HVAC Industry, in our experience by far the most popular controller on the market. We Supply, Install, commission & maintain IQ Networks, Controllers & Systems. We also specialise in XNC Applications, allowing the Trend Outstation to transfer and read data across any other controls manufacturer and network platforms.


Carel Control Systems

Carel Control Systems represents the standardisation of Control Systems used by all the main Chiller Manufactures. The controllers are robust, inexpensive in comparison and able to communicate over any Network Platform, this is why they are so popular. Our Engineers have undergone training in Italy to be able to offer a complete turnkey proposal with the application of these controllers to any HVAC System. We are able to write bespoke software specifically for your application drawing on our extensive experience, or as per your specification document, all in-house.


York Control Systems

Although the old York Control Systems as we know it has had its development stopped due to Johnson Controls Buy-out, we fully support the YORK ISN Product still in the field. We specialise in the Application of Chiller Sequence Commanders to York Central Chiller Plant. This enables good control over Water Chillers piped in Parallel, Series or as part of a Variable Secondary Chilled Water System. Our Engineers carry out re/programming all in-house and can still supply replacement controllers so long as JC have stock available.


North Compass Nodes

We have used North Controls in the past as a Gateway joining different Control Manufacturers together via an RS232 bridge. Application solutions we have successfully implemented have been a Trend Control IQ3 Network to a York ISN Network. A Cylon BMS Network to a Sabroe Ammonia Screw Plant Network. Software programming of the North Interface was carried out by our own Engineers, all in house.