HVAC Aircon Installation, Servicing, Maintenance and Repairs in Hertfordshire and London

Orlando Refrigeration & Air Conditioning: HVAC, Aircon Installation, Repairs, Servicing and Maintenance in London and Hertfordshire.

Sometimes looking for a quality HVAC service provider in London and Hertfordshire can be challenging. The choices range from the virtually inexperienced to the ridiculously overpriced, with seemingly nothing in-between. Where can domestic and commercial clients find down-to-earth prices on reputable, reliable air and heating services? Are these concepts mutually exclusive?

Not to us here at Orlando Refrigeration & Air Conditioning. We understand the frustration many London and Hertfordshire residents experience when a climate control system emergency springs up, and it seems like there’s nowhere to turn…unless they’re willing to pay budget-busting rates. We pride ourselves on being very different from “garden variety” refrigeration service companies, embracing the absolute latest forms of HVAC technology and implementing them in every client project.

What’s more, we employ only the most knowledgeable engineers who boast unrivalled expertise in the HVAC systems themselves as well as the latest energy-saving advancements – all governed by a belief that savings should be maximized though correct design and implementation.

Orlando Refrigeration and Aircon provides HVAC, aircon and refrigeration installations, repairs, maintenance and servicing for domestic and commercial clients in Hertfordshire, London and surrounding areas.

The importance of maintaining your Air-conditioning systems:

There are few things more gratifying in life than coming out of the sweltering heat of the day into your comfortably air-conditioned home (or office). Unfortunately, this is something not enough people think about…until an aircon unit breaks down on a warm day. Unbeknownst to many home-owners and commercial clients, an aircon unit loses around five-percent of its efficiency for each year that it operates. Over time, components weaken and break down, so without routine maintenance you could end up paying some major repair bills – or, in a worst-case scenario, having to replace the unit altogether.

Fortunately, you can keep your aircon unit running at full capacity by simply scheduling a regular “tune-up” by one of Orlando’s trained technicians. Indeed, providing your aircon a little TLC once or twice a year is vital, and what’s more, can save you a significant amount of money and headaches in the long run.

Maintaining your climate control system helps by:

Saving money on your electric bill
• Saving money on repairs
• Saving your warranty
• Ensuring your comfort

The fact of the matter is that fixing a mechanical device costs a whole lot more than it does to maintain it. Sooner or later, neglect catches up with us, and it’s when temperatures are high that your aircon unit is most likely to break down.

A small investment now in a professional HVAC company like Orlando Refrigeration & Air Conditioning can save you some serious cash down the line.

So, if you need to discuss anything related to your HVAC, refrigeration or aircon units – from installation, repairs, servicing or maintenance, please give us a call today.  Our friendly and trained technicians cover Hertfordshire, London and all surrounding areas, from domestic clients to commercial and industrial clients.

Steve Orlando

Managing Director – ORLANDO Refrigeration & Air conditioning Ltd