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Hi, welcome to our company…..

We are a SME Company based in the home counties. Our strengths are derived from the application of high quality workmanship and professionalism, matched only to our customer focus. Our business growth relies on a positive customer feedback and word of mouth circulating though this specialist market.
With my staff’s whole working lives being in this industry, “This is what we know how to do, this is what we do best.” I offer you our companies’ extensive time served expertise to build our working relationship on. We cover London & the Home Counties primarily, but not exclusively. Our engineers are spread around the South-east so we’re always close by when you most need us.
Take a look at our Case Studies which will endorse our proven power Saving Strategies in the day-to-day running of refrigeration & air conditioning plant. By reducing a company’s environmental impact by making their equipment work more reliably and efficiently; as measured by a smaller CO2e footprint, we can all contribute to a environmentally rich future.

Chiller Install, Service & Maintenance0%
Air conditioning Install, Service & Maintenance0%
Control System Install, Service & Maintenance0%
Refrigerant System & Control Retrofits0%
Aircon System Efficiency Enhancements0%


Mbl: +44 (0)7855 435384

Steve Orlando

Managing Director

Nicky Orlando


Ian Aikman

Company Secretary / Accounts

Mbl: +44 (0)7733 446338

Danny Hickey

Service Manager


Mbl: +44 (0)7827 821169

Debra Appel

Office Manager

Mbl: +44 (0)7947 991679

Richard Collingwood

Senior Service Engineer

Mbl: +44 (0)7584 410513

Daniel Condello

Gas Absorption Specialist


You will find our staff fully engaged and eager to deliver an unrivalled experience.

Meaningful Consulting

We demonstrate Functional expertise on all aspects of Air conditioning & Refrigeration Plant and the application of Energy Saving Technologies.

Technology Driven

We apply Energy Saving Technology for our customers benefit whilst utilising technology to deliver unrivalled reporting.


From concept to design and finally the implementation of power saving technology, to ‘Real World’ Air conditioning applications.

Industries Served

We work for the pharmaceutical, aerospace and manufacturing industries. Industrial refrigeration is our forte specialising with Ammonia.


All our work is carried out by in-house labour. From design, Engineering, project delivery to final hand-over documentation.

Customers served

Our work takes us to commercial premises to private buildings. We work for  facilities companies, manufacturers and end users alike.

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