Our Environmental Guarantee to you.

The work we do directly affects the environment in many ways. We strive for minimising our impact. How we work today guaranties an environmentally rich tomorrow for future generations

We are a small company primarily involved in air conditioning and refrigeration Installation, service and maintenance works. As such, work is carried out on other people’s premises, and most plant and equipment will be under the control of its owners. The sites own Waste Transfer Premises Code Number will be used on all Waste Transfer Documentation when required to be raised.
We are committed to legal compliance with environmental requirements. Continual improvement and prevention of pollution is our main focus with Full Staff Training specifically on Refrigerant Handling and the new F-Gas Regulations in our industry.

Our work revolves around dealing with chemicals and compounds harmful and catastrophic to our environment. All our staff go above and beyond to ensure a Zero (0) Environmental impact from any of the works we carry out.

In particular, all materials removed from sites will be properly dealt with, all refrigerant, oil and solid waste will be properly handled for recycling or disposal by a Commercial Waste Agent. In particular records will be kept of refrigerant purchased and returned. There will be no unnecessary wastage of materials used.
If there are specific environmental issues relating to a particular job, these will be identified as part of the risk assessment procedure, and methods for dealing with them will be detailed in the relevant method statements.
This policy will be reviewed annually, to consider whether process changes, control mechanisms, more efficient use of materials or material substitution can lead to reduced risk of pollution.


Steve Orlando

Managing Director – ORLANDO Refrigeration & Air conditioning Ltd