Carel PcO5+ Hardware


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Carel PcO5+ HardwareOrlando RAC were asked to retrofit a Denco Downflow Unit’s failed controller with the latest Carel PCO5+ Hardware. The customer specified 2 x Stages of DX Cooling on 1 x System, 1 x Liquid Line Solenoid, 2 x Supply Air Fans with all the required monitoring and safety interlocks used to protect these ancillary devices.

We decommissioned the original controller and the make-shift Danfoss Cabinet Controller. We re-arranged the location of the existing transformer to make the Carel Controller fit a bit better and give ease of access for future servicing. We fitted new Refrigerant Suction & Discharge Pressure Transducers, Supply Air Sensor, combined Return Air and Relative Humidity Sensor and a Modbus ready PcO5+ Hardware with Keypad Display. We modified generic software to give the required control; all in-house. We integrated existing wiring and safeties into the retrofit and carried out Pre-Commissioning Checks. The new Software and Bios was uploaded to the controller and subsequently commissioned. Customer training was provided, the customer was now confident that their primary cooling was available with DX Split Systems running as back-up; all via Modbus.