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03 - Post-repairs


We were asked to attend site initially for a free no obligation Preventative Planned Maintenance Quotation. On arrival to site it became quickly apparent that no maintenance had been carried out for sum years and the both Delonghi Chillers were in very poor repair.

We carried out a Major Service first where we documented and quantified how much cooling capacity was available from the 8 off systems. 2 Systems were able to run albeit really inefficient , the other 6 were dead. We compiled out quotation for repairs.

The works carried out included:

  • The Pressure Relief Valves were several years out-of-date. They were located in a very poor location behind the compressor, we remote mounted them on Unistrut and Clips to the new discharge line location, visible to the user and easy to replace next round.

  • Carried out Pressure Test and Leak Test repairs on all the systems. Leaks were repaired on small line fittings, replacing perished control lines and removed thread seal tape on fittings; using Loctite Thread-lock specifically for Refrigeration applications.

  • We carried out Rust Treatment to Liquid Line Drier Cans and Brackets. The Rusted and damaged Liquid Line Sightglasses were replaced.

  • Chiller 2 had a failed Control System. We retrofitted a Carel Control System and modified software to suit this chillers application, all in-house.

  • The final part of the works being budgeted for this year will be to upgrade the heavily rusted Thermal Expansion Valves / Expanded Liquid Line Flange Connector assembly. We proposed to fit an Electronic Expansion Valve with a newly Machined Flange Plate which will deliver a 2-year payback. Our signature Design concept / expertise is applying Running Cost Saving Technologies to Older systems, bringing them up to modern day Efficiencies.

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